Submit Your Art to the Salmon Creek Journal 2018!

Deadline: January 15, 2018

Submit Here!

Both writers and artists of the WSU Vancouver community are invited to submit works of prose, poetry, visual art, digital art, and performance art. In order to ensure both an impartial and fair selection of work, pieces that are submitted are reviewed anonymously by Salmon Creek Journal staff. Works selected for publication are compiled by our staff, and are revealed in the next issue of the journal at our official launch party. Although submissions are not guaranteed publication, we appreciate the opportunity to review your work.

For any questions, concerns, or accommodations, please email

General guidelines

  • Each work must be uploaded with its own submission form.
  • Each artist can submit up to six (6) works per genre/section. The maximum amount of submissions that will be published per each section are two (2).
  • The artist’s name should be omitted from the work to preserve anonymity in the submission process. However, each piece that is published will state the name of both the piece and the artist. We do not accept anonymous submissions or work published under a pseudonym.

Section-specific guidelines

  • The maximum word count for prose submissions are 3,500 words.
  • Each poetry submission should be no more than three (3) pages in length single-spaced. Submissions should be formatted as they are intended to be printed.
  • Visual arts may be any style, medium, or genre, but must be converted to digital format for submission. For example, a sculpture may be photographed and submitted. Quality of digital imaging plays an important role in the selection process. If you do not have access to photographing or scanning your work to submit, please email for assistance. Please state medium and size of original work on the submission form.
  • The Digital and Performing Arts sections will be showcased in both the print version of the journal as well as the Salmon Creek Digital. Video media should not exceed 10 minutes. Please be in touch via email for alternative uploading options.